I have had a disaster at my residence/business. Other than reconstructing my property back to pre-loss condition, what other services does Wolfe Construction provide?

Wolfe Construction is a service oriented company, working for you since 1997. We use the same operating software to estimate claims as your insurance company, alleviating a lot of time and paperwork for you the customer. We provide emergency services to secure your property from further damages, including board-ups, plumbing, heating and electrical shutoffs. 

My deductible - who pays?

Your insurance deductible was determined when you insurance policy was established. You are required to pay this amount before the reconstruction process begins

Who makes the decisions about what repair work is performed?

Your insurance adjuster determines what repairs are covered by your insurance policy. Wolfe Construction is not authorized to make any changes to the insurance adjusters estimate without authorization from your adjuster. 

Do I have a choice in the materials used for the construction for my property?

Yes, your production manager will meet with you to discuss how much your insurance company allows for materials, or if you prefer, you may visit one of our supplier's showrooms.

What is ‘Actual Cash Value’ VS. ‘Replacement Cost Value’?

Replacement cost coverage provides for a damaged item to be replaced for what it costs today of the same like, kind and quality…regardless of the price. Actual cash value provides compensation of the balance of the like expectancy of a damaged item. For example, your carpet has a 10 year life expectancy, it’s damaged by a water leak when it’s 5 years old. Your insurance company owes for only the unused portion of the balance of its life. 

How do I know how much I can spend on materials and where can I purchase them at?

Once the estimate is approved by your insurance company, your production manager will meet with you and provide you with an "allowance report". This report details the exact amount you are allowed to spend on the items in your house. You can pick out the materials for your home wherever you like. If you are not sure about where to get materials your production manager will help you with this process.

Who do I call/contact with questions concerning the repair work?

A Wolfe Construction production manager will be assigned to your claim. This will be your main contact from the beginning to the end. You are welcome to call our office at any time with questions. Our office staff will work very closely with you and your insurance company throughout the entire reconstruction process. Do not hesitate to call with questions, anytime.

I received my insurance check and my mortgage company is listed as a payee. Why are they listed on the check and what do I do?

The mortgage company is listed on the check because they have a lien on your property and they have a vested interest in making sure your property is repaired. You need to contact your mortgage company and set up a claim as soon as possible.  Our accounting manager deals with this process daily and can help you to expedite this process.  With your permission, she can discuss the insurance claim with your bank and help you to get the necessary paperwork signed.  She does not have any access to any personal banking information. 

How long will this process take?

We understand that your life has been turned upside down with this disaster. Our goal is to get your life back to normal as fast as possible. There can/will be times that we are waiting on a sub-contractor to complete their work or special order materials to come in…things like this can/will slow down the completion process. We will guarantee to keep the process moving as quickly as we possibly can. 

Are you bonded?

Yes, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Where can I learn more about Wolfe Construction?